Love is the answer…


Love came walking down the street in Stavanger…

As we were out for a stroll, these two beautiful people were heading to a medieval cathedral for a concert featuring world class musicians playing Brahms, Bach and Haydn. Daniel approached to pay a compliment on the gorgeous purple sweater. After a short chat they invited us to accompany them. So began a great fellowship.


Having only been with us a few minutes they invited us to join them at their beach house. Kjell–newly retired (as a guitar teacher) and Åse (professionally trained singer) performed a couple of songs for us after we had a long conversation about our spirituality. They are of the  Bahá’í faith whose tenets are based in love and celebrating diversity, acknowledging the importance of women and that there will be a new world order with a foundation of concern for all mankind and tolerance. “Love is the greatest law in the vast universe of God”..Abdu’l-Baha.

We felt the love and were completely nourished by these two. The lavish breakfast and dinner (they asked us about any dietary restrictions then went shopping to accommodate) were symbolic of the love and kindness and generosity of spirit with which they embraced us. They gave purely and freely.



They spent a day sharing with us some of their favorite places along the coast including an art gallery housed in a beautiful building near a light house. On exhibition were Russian artists poking fun at the sacred.


They are written on our hearts forever. We carry their warmth and generosity with us and pay it forwards.


Thank you Kjell and Åse.

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