The REAL bridge into Norway.

In our busy lives it becomes easy to get caught up in doing,  going on to the next thing.  Just keep forging ahead.  A bit of that energy had seemed to rear its head a month into our trip. Picking the next town to put in the Garmin.  Keep heading North. Then we landed at Jon’s home in Norway.  It has been a great reset…a time to take a breath,  a shower,  make a few dinners with he and his daughter. Connect.  Bask in the generosity and appreciate the beauty, history and spirit of the people here in Oslo.  Gratitude. (Jon and Danny attended 5th grade together at Baywood Elementary in San Mateo,  CA and rekindled their friendship three years ago when Jon came all the way from Norway to take part in the 47th reunion of 5th grade.)

When he learned of our trip he immediately offered to host us in Norway and has added so much to our Odyssey. Indeed we traversed a bridge into this beautiful seaside City but the greatest bridge is that of the friendship which bridges the chapters of our lives. To have friends that are keepers of our past & our history are the real treasures. Thank you so much Mr. Eeg-Henriksen

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