From where did I come?

Some ancestral energy starting to emerge. Whereas our history in America is about 240 years old we are finding towns and buildings and monuments that are a thousand years old. It is evoking a dormant sense of connection to my past. Who are my ancestors? From where did they come and why did they move and what did they do? This energy has not had a forum until now.

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    • We are lost. We have no idea where we’re going. Case in point: we stopped in this lovely little town this morning to get Sandy her hot chocolate. I reached in my wallet to pull out some kroners and the woman laughed at me and said we don’t take that. I said you don’t take cash and she says no we don’t take Swedish kroners. I said well where am I and she replied in Norway you idiot. Somewhere during the day yesterday on some small back road we switched countries without knowing it. In retrospect it does explain why they’re a bunch of Ns on the license plates instead of Ss as I walked back towards our car.
      As for who we can help on the way brother, that is a brilliant question and is really the basis for this trip. We have helped people pump gas, we have bought total strangers dinner, we have to help watch children while Mom shopped. We are attempting to be exemplars of the American Spirit of generosity and kindness. Well at least Sandy is. I’m trying to rip these bastards off for every penny I can!

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