A little piece of paradise


We took the road less traveled and ended up in a beautiful little seaside fishing village where everyone knows each other. Couples and families roll in regularly to jump in the cold sea or catch crabs (which are later released to race back into the water), where the pace is unhurried and people are content. When in Rome. ..

We noticed a bearded man sitting on the dock of the bay. …so we sang some Otis Redding to him. He was quick to smile and we struck up a conversation. He told us we could stay at the beach for the night. We fixed him a gin and tonic with the tiny ice cubes we had and he later returned with a bag of righteous ice for us. The next day he invited us for lunch with his son and family of five from Stockholm. The chef at the restaurant was a friend of 40 years who makes amazing wiener schnitzel. He toured us around town and later,in a downpour, invited us to move our camper to his back yard. An amazing host with electric hookups, washer, showers and the big surprise…dinner: all American hot dogs prepared with Swedish sides of crispy onions sweet mustard and gherkin mayo. We really felt like part of the family. Hard to say good bye and at the same time eager for the next deep human connection.
We also meet a wonderful and vital man, Leif, who was enchanted with the drone and came inside our van and talked of many things. Another friend for life.

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