…the Magic continues on the Coast of Sweden



As beautiful as is the country side, the real beauty is the people we have met here in Sweden.

We came upon a road side stand and stopped, eager to have fresh vegetables for dinner. What happened next will continue to nourish us for many years. Enter Bjorn and Anita the couple who grow the organic veggies.
They gave us cute little gherkins for our Hendricks gin and tonics and upon hearing my inquiry as to a store nearby to buy mozzarella and balsamic gifted us with a beautiful bottle of vinegar. We shared stories of how we met our partners and agreed there is faith and fate. We have a date to meet them in Portugal in a couple of years.20160801_185518


We whipped up a little dinner using our pressure cooker and a frying pan. (White wine sure helps the steaming process!)

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