Copenhagen Connections

Copenhagen is a world-class City. Bikes everywhere. Talented street performer with a taste for fine linen sports jackets…
We huddled under an umbrella when the rains came and talked of life. He invited us to join with the other performers who gather each night. So nice to be included in community.

Our host at the RV Camp was very gracious, wise and well traveled. . He encouraged us to head to a great deer park North of Copenhagen which we did.

It felt so good to walk among trees that were 700 years old. We spotted the albino deer who, like us, were waiting for the rain to pass.

On the way out of the park  magic struck when we noticed a group of men with Sombreros on obviously having a good time…could not pass by. They immediately welcomed us with a shot of jalapeño liquor and watched for our reaction.


We sipped and we were in. Great group who have been getting together for 15 years for “games” always on the same weekend. They let us join in and Daniel turned out to be quite the sportsman setting a new record for “shitting the nail”.

We laughed til our stomachs hurt and left with a new appreciation for the generosity and in some cases the humility of the Danish people. Memories to cherish.

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