Reflections post Germany

20160717_123800-3It’s been about a week since we left Hamburg. We’ve written about the phenomenal people who came into our lives in that great City and the miraculous deeds they performed on our behalf. Friends for life.
There is something that’s been disturbing me about Germany,post World War II and I wanted to write a little about it while we are resting comfortably in Sweden.
During the course of a 12-hour walking tour with her new friend Ilona we came upon the church in Hamburg which was destroyed in the war. It remains as a monument to the devastating nature of conflict.
I feel compelled as a man of Jewish descent to comment on the destruction, devastation and death. It saddens me that this gorgeous Church lay in ruins. It’s also deeply disturbing that many innocent women and children were killed in Hamburg while the men were off fighting elsewhere. So sad to see this loss of a historical church and this tragic loss of human life.
On the other hand I feel strongly that Hitler was a Madman and the sooner we ended the Nazi regime the better for all Humanity. The Holocaust remains a dark spot in the history of mankind. Six million Jews put to death.
War is just no good for anyone.

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  1. You are right on in your comments. In my travels to Germany, I spend some time with a German family that had family members very high up in Hitler Germany as owners of large manufacturing plants. This was many years ago and you could tell it was this dark cloud hanging over them. While it was a long time ago, 1972, it was also a long time after the war.

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