Dandy’s Chariot


The magic continues.
We are meeting the most incredible people on this Odyssey. Though we speak virtually no German, we managed to have some great conversations and wonderful connections. The wohnmobile, our home and base for the next year, needed to be badged. We were fortunate enough to be led to Reklamewerkstatt printers in Laboe. We rolled in 10 minutes before closing and had the great fortune to meet the father Karl,aka Daddy, and the marketing brain, Dominic. They immediately agreed to help. We had many laughs together and arrived back a couple of days later to pick up the signage. Dominic’s younger brother, Daniel, the artist and backbone of the company, graciously agreed to apply the design created on Horst’s 1985 pc. Lol…
Daniel very thoughtfully invited our Daniel to put on the final piece.
Strauss gave two thumbs up to the final design, the father and two sons. Each day we get in the van and see the handy work we will think of Dominic, Daniel, Daddy and the other son, David-the 4 “D’s”. Their Daniel gave our Daniel a company-branded Polo shirt…so I guess it’s now the 5 “D’s”?

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