Schlagermove = 450,000 in The Haight!

  • (Faking the words in German here…lol)
    Fabulous festival in Hamburg today. This once-a-year extravaganza encourages people, nearly half a million, to come dressed in hippie wear from the late sixties and early seventies. The irony is that Sandy and I,sans costumes, look like Germans and everyone in Germany looks like they were from San Francisco!
    Fun times.
    We were gifted three sunflowers from some new friends. On the way back home we met a man on the bus who was traveling to a friend’s wedding. He had one very sorry looking sunflower. We gifted him with our three huge blossoms and it nearly brought him to tears. As we got off the bus at the same stop, the post-wedding party was underway and he introduced us to the bride and presented her with the bouquet. I winked at him, indicating that he did not need to reveal the source of the flowers. He winked back. Huge heart connection with yet another stranger. As we continued our walk back to our Airbnb, we picked half a dozen flowers from a half a dozen different houses and presented them to our host as a thank you for all the hard work she’s put into making us feel welcome.
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